Magz Hall You Are Hear show, December 8th 06

A sonic re-entry into the latest tunes from the Modified Toy Orchestra, Beruit,Gay Cat Park, Junior Boys and Amon Tobin. No Bra reveal there polite side and there's some Dicking Around with Sparks plus live tracks from Urban Electronic Music; Danny Boy and the Serious Party Gods emit high energy fully gift wrapped. What more could you want for Xmas?

1. Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan - Sonic Re-Entry (Basta)
2. Modified Toy Orchestra - Pocket Calculator (Static Caravan)
3. Amon Tobin - Bloodstone (Ninja Tunes)
4. No Bra - Polite (Muskel Records)
5. Beriut - Carousel (BaDaBing! Records)
6. Urban Electronic Music - Jilli Intro + Syd (from live performance at Nova Express sept 20th 2006 LA www.urbanelectronicmusic.com)
7. Sparks - Dick Around (Little Bethoven)
8. Jack Allet - Roun Song (cd-r)
9. Danny Boy and the Serious Party Gods - Castro Boy (panama)
10. Junior Boys - Equalizer (Domino)
11. Gay Cat Park - I'm a vocoder (Il Discotto)