You Are Hear playlist Feb 9th 2007

1. Intersystems Untitled (side A track 4) 'Free Psychedelic Poster Inside' LP, Cortical Foundation
2. Keith Fullerton Whitman Stereo Music For Serge Modular Prototype 'Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music #3'
2xCD, Sub Rosa
3. Deerhoof Galaxist 'Friend Opportunity' CD, Kill Rock Stars
4. V/A Compositions by Junior High School Students, 1968 'Creelpolation #1' CD-r, Creel-Pone
5. Algebra Suicide True Romance At The World's Fair 'Obscure Independent Classics #3' LP, Cordelia Records
6. Fritz Gosh and the Goshbrains Horizontal 'Obscure Independent Classics #3' LP, Cordelia Records
7. Adam Bohman If You're Feeling Perky 'Bunhill Row' LP, Paradigm Discs (www.stalk.net/paradigm)
8. Daphne Oram Studio Experiment #1 'Oramics' 2xCD, Paradigm Discs (www.stalk.net/paradigm)
9. Heiner Goebbels and Alfred Haarth Berlin Q-Damm 7", Riskant
10. Jocy De Olveira Wave Song Para Piano E Fita 'Estorias Para Voz, Instrumentos Acosticos e Electronicos'
CD-r, Creel Pone
11. Mika Vainio Raatelu 'Revitty [torn]' CD, Wavetrap