Dat politics - up up down ok (Skipp)

Devandra Banhart - little yellow spider ( xl )

Mothboy - Wilt as giants watch over us (ad noiseum)

Maja Ratke- dictaphone jam (rune grammonfon)

Oddfellows casino - song of the crane fly (pickled egg)

Sack and Blumm - to go to (staubgold records)

Hecate - ?? (new album track)

Nocturnal Emissions - ??

Eric Zahn and O.Lamm - mn2li2 woani remix (Daisy World)

Soft pink truth – do they owe us a living? (Soundslike)

Fuzz against junk - trench foot (Invada records / rocket recordings )

+ Striplight live in session and guests Stewart Home, Christoph Fringelli and Hecate.


22 NOVEMBER 2004

hellfish and producer - hardcore body harvest (bunker clot mix) (planet mu)

mf doom - one beer (rhymesayers entertainment)

meadow house - tit for tat (wire tapper cd #12)

martin archer - ringtone 3 (discus records)

ada - the red shoes (areal records)

Ed Lawes - fewer ways / more ways /24v.a.ish (planet mu)

vashti bunyan - glow worms (spinney)

romvelope - huw and me (from 'adaadat trade and distribution almanac vol 2' [adaadat])

sun ra - year of the sun (from 'media dreams', art yard records)

pan:tone - no pecas por favor (from 'new found urban calm' [bip-hop])

stewart home - smash the individual (overground)

plus live session by Ed Lawes from Planet Mu



Ol' Dirty Bastard - Shimmy Shimmy Ya (elektra)

Coil - Sea Priestess (Threshold House)

Jimi Tenor - Beyond the Stars (Kitty Yo)

J.O.Y. - Sunplus (DFA Remix) (DFA)

Cow'P - Contra 100 in 1 (ADAADAT)

Charlie - Spacer Woman (Irma)

Steinbruchel - Feder (from 'Melatonin' 2CD compiled by Lawrence English)

Data Rock - Get yourself a data rocker(Ellet)

Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath - MRA (Neon)

Ed Lawes - Actually Real (Planet MU)

Yann Tomita - Memory Band (Audio Science Laboratories)

+ OMMM live in session



DJ kaos - Hold Me Now

giorgio marauder - you only live once (mirex)

susanna and her magical orchestra - jolene (rune grammofon)

der plan - zuruck in die atmosphaere (ata-tak)

metal urbain - hysterie connective (from 'englands dreaming: before, during and after punk' [trikont])

momus - space jews

kevin harrison - water (cherry red)

the deviants - garbage (akarma)

ennio morricone - duck you sucker / giu la testa (cinevox)

chlorgeschlecht consulting - atze report from berlin (melange recordings)

aufgehoben - anno fauve (riot season)

+ live in session: pro forma


NOVEMBER 1st 2004

Velvetines - needle in a haystack (fabric)
Fuzz Against Junk - Trench foot (invada / rocket recordings)[www.rocketrecordings.com]
Laura Viers- Through December (bella union)
Ryoko Kuwajijima - November (Melange) [melangerecords.com]
Sunroof! - Viva (vhf recordings)
The Panacea Society - God is Sexy (trace)
Hecker – Stocha Acid Vlook (mego / synaesthesia)
The Kop Choir - You'll Never Walk Alone (Cherry Red)

+ a live session from the legendary CarterTutti