March 14th 2005

Caribou - Bees (from 'The Milk of Human Kindness' forthcoming on Leaf)

Felix Kubin – Die Kulturelle Revolution (7” on A-Musik)

Nouvelle Vague - A Forest (on Peacefrog)

Robbie Basho – Salangadou (from ‘Robbie Basho Sings volume 3’ on Takoma)

Joanna Newsome - Peach, Plum, Pear (from 'The Milk Eyed Mender' on Drag City)

Speedranch > Jansky Noise – The Truth about Human Potatoe Mashers (Planet Mu)

Dizzee Rascal - Fickle (from 'Showtime' on XL)

Wiley – Firefly (12”)

Chevron - Emails and Viruses (from 'Everything's Exactly The Same' on Planet Mu)

+ some tracks selected by our special guest Pete Lawrence (the Big Chill)

+ live music from CAU_CATIONAL BETREET


7th March 2005 playlist:

Deuce – Chi Chi (from 'We Can Make It Faster And Better Than...' CD on Mik.Musik)

Ennio Morricone – Deep Down (from 'Danger:Diabolik' OST)

Anthony King - Electrostalactites + Pots and Pans (from 'Luke Vibert's Nuggets' compilation on Lo Recordings)

Caetano Veloso – Gilberto Misterioso (from 'Araca Azul' LP on Philips [Brazil])

Romvelope - Lunar Landfill (from 'One Course Meal' CD on ADAADAT) * Get well soon Bjorn!! *

Bohman Brothers – Purely Practical (7" Peripheral Conserve)

Luke Vibert - Lovers Acid (from 'Lovers Acid' CD forthcoming on Planet Mu)

Enduser – Mashed up and Beatdown – Xanopticon Remix (from 'Mashed Up and Beatdown' EP on Ad Noiseam)

Crazy Titch - I Can C U U Can C Me

+ live in session LUKE VIBERT


28th FEB 2005

The Gasman – Muzzle (Planet MU)

Karl marx Stadt – NSK1.Shareoom (lux nigra)

Chevron – Kingdom (planet mu)

Vanishing Breed (cdr)

Crazy Titch – Sing Along

Junior Boys – Last Exit (fennesz remix) (ElektroKIN)

Bruza – freestyle (from 'Aim High vol 2')

Disinformation vs Strange Attractor live at YOU ARE HEAR LIVE AT CARGO, 17th FEB 05

+ ROBOTOBIBOK live is session and BOB MOOG on the phone!

FEB 21st 2005

Doctor Mix and the Remix – I Can’t Control Myself (Car Park)

Jean Jacques Perrey and Luke Vibert – Moog Acid

Virus Syndicate (track from forthcoming Planet MU album)

Chevron - Polyphonic Ringtone (Planet Mu)

Bay B Kane – Hello Darkness (Whitehouse)

Felix Kubin – Psyko Billy (A-Musik)

Robotobibok – 54 kw

+ live recordings from OMMM (from the YOU ARE HEAR gig at CARGO, 17th Feb)