25th April Playlist

Steeple Remove – Vidal Sassoon
Deuce – If I am to be a Cabbage (from ‘we can make it faster and better than deuce’ mik.musik www.mik-musik.com)
Six Minute War – Giles Hall (from ‘Messthetics #1’ compilation (
The Pop Group – We Are Time (Soul Jazz - forthcoming)
Tom Recchion – Forced to Waltz Forever (from ‘I Love My Organ’ on Birdman Records)
Anne LaPlantine – December (from the ‘Childish Music’ compilation on Staubgold)
Aero Mic’d – The Righter You Smell (from ‘The Sadnesses = Cloud Mama’ Aero Mic’d Records CDR
Need New Body – Show Me Your Heart (Pickled Egg)
Hassle Hound – Hallo To The Owls (Pickled Egg)
Tilt – Hell-E-Copter (Cold Rush records, 1993)

+ live sessions from MUGISON and RASHA SHAHEEN



Slepcy – We Are The Newest Battle Models (from v/a - ‘Wasted: 2 nights of Breakcore in Berlin’ [Mirex / Cock Rock Disco]

DJ Spazmo - Paranoid (unreleased)

Caribou - Brahminy Kite (ANOTHER track from 'The Milk of Human Kindness' album [Leaf]

Jean Claude Vannier – Le Roi des Mouches et la Confiture de la Rose (from ‘L’Enfant Assassine des Mouches’ [Finders Keepers]

Crawling Chaos – Left Hand Path (from ‘The Gas Chair’ [LTM] thanks to David Panos!)

Steven Malkmus - No More Shoes (from his forthcoming album 'Face The Truth' [Matador]

Stereo Total – Wir Tanzen im 4 eck (Bungalow)

Costes - Himalaya of Shit (MP3)

Stavely Makepeace – Slippery Rock 70s (RPM)

Gang Gang Dance - Revival of the Shittest track 2 (Social Registry)

8rolek – chaus (from ‘umpomat’ [mik.musik]

Mugison – Salt (from ‘Mugimama, Is This Monkey Music’ [Soundslike]

+ live music from PREY


Playlist 11th April 2005

Autechre - Ipacial Section (from forthcoming 'untitled' album [Warp])

D Double and P-Jam – Anger Management (Dice Recordings)

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Cable Access Follies (from ‘Worn Copy’ [Paw Tracks])

Jem Finer and Andrew Kotting – John Barleycorn (from ‘Visionary Landscapes’ CD [El Rino])

Alabama 3 - Hello - I'm Johnny Cash (One Little Indian, forthcoming)

Sleep – From Beyond (from ‘Sleep’s Holy Mountain’ LP, [Earache])

Augsburger Tafelconfect – Nettoabtrof Gewicht (from ‘Fusion In The Slaughterhaus’ CD [Nneon / Stora])

Momus – Sempeverde (from ‘Otto Spooky’ [Darla])

La Grande Illusion – Let’s Pretend (from the forthcoming ‘Childish Music’ compilation [Staubgold])

Cyclobe - The Body Feels Light and Wants to Fly (from 'The Visitors' CD [Phantom Code])

+ live music from ALABAMA 3 and special guest KARL BLAKE


4th April

Heino - Carnival in Rio

Konono #1 – Ungudi Wele Wele (from ‘Congotronics’ [Crammed Discs])

Klaus Nomi – Nomi Song (RCA)

+ Sketches and interjections from The Firesign Theatre.

+ live music from ROTHKO

and David Ossman from FIRESIGN THEATRE and Judith Walcutt from OTHERWORLD MEDIA


28th MARCH 2005

Sol Invictus – Black Easter (Tursa)

Bruza – Get Me (Aftershock)

William Slavin - Doctor Who: Music from the 10th Planet [excerpts] (Ochre records)

Luke Vibert – Lover’s Acid (from the ‘Lover’s Acid’ album forthcoming on Planet Mu)

Schwabinggrad – Geliebte Viecher In The Night (from ‘Ballett’ on Staubgold)

Caribou - Another track from the album 'The Milk of Human Kindness' (Leaf)

Philip Jeck – Open (from ‘Stoke’ on Touch)

E De Cologne - Slave (Shockwave Recordings)

Kosmonautentraum – Tanz Den Kosmonaut (from the ‘Kosmonautentraum’ album on the Zick Zack label, from 1980)

Palais Schaumburg – Telephon (Zick-Zack 7")

Bruce Naumann – Shit In Your Hat (Tate editions)

+ live in session ASJA AUF CAPRI (difficult fun)

21st MARCH 2005

Shitmat – The from the 1998 Morris Dancer Massacre (from ‘Full English Breakfest’ on Planet Mu)

Hermann Kopp – Trampolin Auf Stickstoff (from the album ‘Japgirls in Synthesis’ on vinyl-on-demand)

Roll Deep – Don’t Choke (from ‘Aim High volume 2’ media gang)

Janek Schaeffer – world of dR Mm (from ‘early electronic compositions’ 7” on tonschacht [via a-musik])

Ulver and Bogdan Raczynski – Bog’s Basil and Curry Powder Potatoes Recipe (from Ulver’s ‘1st Decade In The Machines’ remix album on Jester records)

L.Voag – Kitchen (from ‘The Way Out’ on Alcohol Records)

The Soft Pink Truth - Kitchen (from 'Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Soft Pink Truth' on Soundslike)

Toni Sailer – Anba Wedel Bamba (Anba Skiwear promotional 7")

Bitmap – Someone to Call My Own (Gentle Electric)

Caribou - a track from the forthcoming album 'The Milk of Human Kindness' (Leaf) by the artist formerly known as Manitoba

+ live session from KUTCHI (Adverse Camber)