Playlist 27th June 2005

Michel Waiswisz - One for the Road (sonig)

BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Muzak, from Time in Advance (mute)

Rex the Dog - Prototype (kompakt)

Antifamily - Law of the Plainsmen (difficult fun)

more live music from Sonar:

World's End Girlfriend, Islaja, My Robot Friend

+ more from Goodiepal, Kemialliset Ystavet, To Rococo Rot,

and more from Felix Kubin's wonderful performance at Pocketclub, Barcelona.


Playlist 20th June 2005

Candie Hank - Violenta (Tote Suite) (Stora / Nneon)

Modified Toy Orchestra - This Is The Monkey (Warm Circuit)

+ live music from the Sonar Festival from:

F.S.Blumm, Goodiepal, To Rococo Rot, Kemialliset Ystavet, Vert, Rei Harikami

+ live music from Felix Kubin, recorded at PocketClub, Barcelona


Playlist 13th June 2005

Will Searle at the controls, as Magz and Jim buggered off to Barcelona.

Miburounin by Ove Naxx (Album is called Bullets From Habikino City
H*C*) on Soot Records

Fakes by Stormin' & Nasty Jack (white label)

Don't You Know by Bomb 20 (album is called Field Manual) on Digital Hardcore Recordings

Spondee by Matmos (album ' A Chance to Cut is a chance to cure') on Matador

+ more live music from Mark Stewart and the Maffia, as recorded at the Malcolm X Centre, Bristol as part of the very wonderful Venn Festival


Playlist 6th June 2005

Micabox featuring Ayako Takato - Nite Tripper (from their album on Daisyworld)

Pajo - High Lonesome Moan (from 'Pajo' CD on domino)

Alejandro and Aeron - Joaquim Nogueri e Filho, Fabricante de Concertinas (from 'Porto: folklore fragments volume 2' on Lucky Kitchen)

Frederik Schikowski - Kreissegmente (from the compilation 7" 'team yamaha' on muysic for peoples)

Mordant Music - Sun Shard (from 'the tower' album)

Anne - Hamburg (ski-pp)

Adam + Jonathan Bohman's musical selections

+ live music from Mark Stewart and the Maffia, recorded at the Malcolm X Centre, Bristol.

+ live guests The Bohman Brothers