playlist 17th october

B.O.P. - Meropa (Pitseng Tse Kgolo) (from 'Mzanzi Music: Young Urban South Africa' on Trikont)

Arial Pink - Credit (from 'Worn Copy' Paw Tracks)

Forest - Graveyard (from 'Gather In The Mushrooms' Castle)

Cogs - Einst Oil (from 'Cogs Anthology 00-03' www.dietsoda.net)

People Like Us - What's Music? (Negativland Remix) (from '...Hate People Like Us' Soleilmoon)

Deseptagon - Anime (from 'Big Black Bang Holes' 19-t records)

Birdyak - Sod and Sos (from 'Green Computer' 7" Klinker Zoundz)

High Tide - Death Warmed Up (from 'Sea Shanties' LP, Psycho Records)

Fuck Off Batman - Fuck Off Batman (from 'Drink Up and Go Home' Klinker Sounds)

+ live in session: HUGH METCALFE


Monday 10th October playlist

Sculpture – Plunk Rock (www.ultimatezon.co.uk)
Stavely Makepeace – I Wanna Love You Like A Mad Dog
Albert Kuvezin and Yat Kha – Man Machine (from 'Re-Covers' CD)
Stereolab - I Was A Sunny Rainphase (7" on too pure)
Hecate - 7 Gates (Zhark records)
Odofo: the energy of sounds - Waka, Waka + Soaki Dae
Melodium – Les Psychotropes Sont Mes Amis, Puis Mes Ennemis
Earth – Raiford (the felon wind) (from ‘Hen: or printing in the infernal method' on Southern Lord)

+ live in session: The Maringa Band


You Are Hear 3rd OCTOBER 2005

Ennio Morricone – Ninna Nanna per Adulteri (from ‘Crime and Dissonance’ compilation on Ipecac)

Frost – Soul (new on Southern Lord)

Georgie D – Die Kunst Wird Mal Durch Ablachten Gross (from ‘Kassetentater LP volume 1: German Cassette Underground 1979 – 1983')

Rasha Shaheen - Pumpkin (from 'Hatshepsut' CD www.rasha.co.uk)

Putrefier – Runaway Haze (from 'Hypertension Classics volume 2' 4cd set www.harbingersound.org )

Le Syndicat Electronique – Entrevue Misanthropique (from v/a ‘Monstreux et Magnifiques’ LP www.invasionplanete.com)

Vibracathederal Orchestra - Stole some sentimental jewellery (from 'Tuning To The Rooster' Important Records)

Joanna Newsom - live from the green man festival 2005

Heliogabalus – Sick Dead (from split lp with Vaw on Difficult Fun (www.difficultfun.org)

Bruno and Michel are Smiling and Skipperrr – The Great Millipede (track from new 7” on adaadat – due later this month)

Xylitol- fresh maggots for a fuzzy duck (jim [at] lumin.org)

Basil Kirchin- prelude and dawn (from'abstractions of the industrial north' on trunk records)

+ live in session: SILVERLINK