playlist 21st November

Gorilla Aktiv - Ottos Pornos (from 7" on was soll das? schallplatten)

Gunter Adler - Motif Repoussoir (from 'Stora Compilation' www.stora.de)

Acrnym - Running (forthcoming on Germlin's 'megapixxels' label)

Yoko Oh No! - Yummy (forthcoming on Germlin's 'megapixxels' label)

Jeffrey and Jack Lewis - Anxiety Attack (from 'city and eastern songs' on rough trade)

xex - delta five (from 'group: xex' cd, on the smack shire label)

Sobanza Mimanisa - Kiwembo (from 'Congotronics #2' CD+DVD, crammed discs)

Alistair Willis (aka The Vitamin B12) - 'Paradise Longe' from 'Color In Absence Sound' compilation, on Hell's Half Halo records)

Simon Fisher Turner - No Weight Tonight (from 'Lana Lara Lata' CD+DVD on Mute)

Vaw - Colour Out Of Space (from split LP with Heliogabalus on Difficult Fun records)

Nigel Ayers + Andrew Liles - Composition for an imaginary performance by the legendary John Fare (from 'Four Compositions for an......' pipkin cdr)

Os Mutantes - Glória ao Rei nos Confins do Além (from 'Brazilian 60's nuggets' cdr comp)

Monster Bobby - It's Over I Miss You (unreleased cdr monsterbobby@gmail.com)

They Came From The Stars I Saw Them vs ASTRAL_BUNNY - Authentatistic (from 'the idiot machine' cd, overdub magazine, greece - www.isawthem.com)

Circle - Lokki (from 'Raunio' live CD, ektro records)



NOVEMBER 14th 2005

The Plastic Cow goes MOOOOOOOG:

Richard Hayman - Girl from Ipenema (from 'The Electric Latin Love Machine', Command LP)

Man From Uranus - Wild Moogimals (two tracks) (7" on Strange Lights recordings)

Jean Jacques Perrey + Gershon Kingsley - One Note Samba / Spanish Flea (from 'Kaleidoscopic Vibrations' LP, Vanguard Stereolab)

Popol Vuh - Affenstunde (excerpt) (from 'Affenstunde' LP, Liberty)

Pauline Oliveros - A Little Noise In The System (Moog System) (excerpt) (from 'An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music' Sub Rosa)

Sun Ra - Outerspaceways Incorporated (from 'Space Is The Place OST', Evidence)

Nik Pascal - Robot Rock (from 'Zero Gravity' LP, Narco records)

Mother Mallard - Music (from 'Portable Masterpiece Co.', Cuneiform)

Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Lucky Man (for Bob!)

+ ROBOTOBIBOK live in session


7th November playlist

Jeffrey and Jack Lewis - Posters (from 'city and eastern songs' on rough trade)
Plastics - Robot (from 'new wave complex volume 4' mp3 album)
Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra - UFO (from 'On Jupiter' newly reissued by Art Yard)
Gudrun Gut - Move Me (earsugar jukebox 7")
The Fall - Repetition (from 'The Step Forward years' Sanctuary)
Broadcast - Black Cat (from 'Tender Buttons' on warp)
A Hawk and a Hacksaw - Portland Town (from 'Check The Water' 2xCD on Leaf)
Faust - Stretch Out Time (from 'The Faust Tapes' ReR megacorp)
Faust - Meadow Meal (from 'Faust 1' ReR megacorp)
UNIT - Resonance Roadshow (cdr)

+ live in session: JEAN HERVE PERON (of Faust)

+ Tom McCarthy discussing and reading from his new book 'Remainder'


Spooky Halloween Special

davie allen and the arrows - ghost story

roy castle - dr terror's house of horror (7", featuring tubby hayes)

john carpenter + alan howarth - halloween montage (from halloween iii ost)

goblin - suspiria (from 'suspiria' ost) / deep shadows (from 'profondo rosso' ost) /at the edge of madness (from 'dawn of the dead' ost) / tenebre theme ('tenebre' ost)

the scientist - the voodoo curse (from 'the scientist rids the world of the evil curse of the vampires')

taliban trim - boogieman

kevin blechdom - torture chamber (from 'eating my heart out' on chicks on speed records)

gershon kingsley + peter waldron - goblin dance (from 'spooky sounds of halloween' lp)

lightning bolt - megaghost (from 'hypermagic mountain')

perrey + kingsley - spooks in space (from 'the in sound from way out!' lp, vanguard)

the white noise - black mass: an electric storm in hell (from 'the white noise' lp, island records)

os mutantes - ave lucifer (from 'A Divina Comedia Ou Ando Meio Desligado' LP)

+ live in session NINKI V

24th October 2005

Messer Chups - Super Megera (from 'vamp babes' on solnze records)

Can't – Messy Mystery (from 'New Secret' on RRRecords)

Felix Kubin - Shakin' Tundra (new 7" on Meeuw Muzak)

Xylitol - When The Veneer on the Coffee Table Starts to Crack (unreleased CDr)

Palais Schaumburg - Wir Bauen Ein Neue Stadt (from 'Palais Schaumburg')

Lightning Bolt - Magic Mountain (from 'Hypermagic Mountain' CD)

Putrefier - Salt Crunchings of Heavy Petals (from 'Hypertension Classics' volume 2, Harbinger Sound)

Goodiepal - Chupa Chups (from 'Nag Nag Bacon' 2xLP on Ski-pp)

Man From Uranus - an MP3 from www.manfromuranus.com

Meadow House - Lavender Picking (from 'Tongue Under A Ton of Nine Volters' on Alcohol Records)

The Red Guards – Mao Tse Tung (with thanks to UNIT)

Dragibus - Kanaria Song (from 'Continental Drift: Eastern + Middle European Movements in 2003' on Peripheral Conserve)

Triplanetary – an untitled track (www.triplanetary.org)

Caetano Veloso - Gilberto Misterioso (from 'Araca Azul' LP)

+ live in session: MISS HAWAII, COW'P and DESEPTAGON