DECEMBER 19th playlist

some favourites from 2005

sufjan stevens - black hawk war... (from 'come on and feel the illinoise', rough trade)

patric catani - tangoman (from 'VIP ep',junk records)

chevron - polyphonic ringtone (from 'everything's exactly the same', planet mu)

gorilla aktiv - Das Gesicht (from 'Umsonst Ohne Risiko', was soll das? platte www.wsdp.de)

caribou - hello hammerheads (from 'the milk of human kindness', leaf)

xex - rome on $5 a day (from 'group: xex', the smack shire)

bruza - freestyle (from 'aim high volume 2' cd/dvd, media gang)

jason forrest - the lure of you (with margareth kamerer) (from 'lady fantasy' ep, sonig)

broadcast - tender buttons (from 'tender buttons', warp)

jeffrey + jack lewis - time machine (from 'city and eastern songs, rough trade)

no bra - munchausen

romvelope - lunar landfill (featuring dj shabushabu) - from 'one course meal', adaadat)

meadow house - will u b my friend (from 'tongue under a ton of nine volters', alcohol)

stereolab - kybernetika babicka (7" on too pure)

+ live in session: NOBLESSE OBLIGE



the advisory circle - and the cuckoo comes (from 'mind how you go' on ghost box recordings, www.ghostbox.co.uk)

co - commanding officer (from '!comoc!' cd on mik.musik -- www.mikmusik.org)

xex - st vitus dance (from 'group:XEX', the smack shire label, reissued from 1980)

gloria jones - tainted love

graham bond - we put our magick on you

kristen - bojka przed klubem mirage (from 'nightstore' cd, ladoabc www.kristen.pl)

foyer des arts: wolfram siebeck hat recht (from 12" ep on wea; thanks to woebot!

the advisory circle - mind how you go (from 'mind how you go' on ghost box recordings, www.ghostbox.co.uk)

+ live in session: LUKE VIBERT


YOU ARE HEAR playlist 5th DECEMBER 2005

broadcast - tears in the typing pool (from 'tender buttons' lp on warp)

daniel johnston - i had a dream (from 'our own voices - expose yourself to trikont volume 2' www.trikont.de)

clearlake - good clean fun (single on domino)

jeffrey + jack lewis - something good + the singing tree (both from 'city and eastern songs' on rough trade)

sculpture - cing (from 'statuary rites' cdr www.ultimatezon.co.uk)

c neil scott- mechanical chicken separator (from 'lo fi recordings and answering messages 1990-2001' cd on gongfujazz)

kate bush - mrs bartolozzi (from 'aerial' 2xcd, emi)


YOU ARE HEAR playlist 28th NOVEMBER 2005

crash course in science - cakes in the home (from 7" on go-go records (1980))

oran ambarchi - track 4 from album 'triste' on southern lord

boduf songs- claimnet reclaimed (www.kranky.net)

the new black - time attack (thick records)

ennio morricone - minna nanni per adulteri (from 'crime and dissonance' on ipecac)

xex - snga (from 'group:xex' cd on the smack shire label)

Hirut Beqele - Ewnetegna (from 'Ethiopiques volume 13: ethiopian groove')

Bill Wells, Stefan Schneider, Annie Whitehead, Barbara Morgenstern - The Dust of Months (from 'Check The Water' double CD, celebrating 10 years of Leaf Records) originally released on 'Pick Up Sticks', released on Leaf last May.

Basokin ft Mi Amor - Mulume (from v/a 'Congotronics volume 2', crammed discs)

xylitol - flexi-cowboy (unreleased cdr - email jim [at] lumin.org for info)

Putrefier - I Think I Will Conceal This Bird Now (from 'Hypertension Classics vol 2' 4CD album on Harbinger Sound)

UNIT - Resonance FM Roadshow (cdr)

Massimo Pilia - Stellar Research (from 'towards the nocturnal luminary' cd http://www.superbo.org/)

Eric Malmberg - sprak och takestruhtuver (from 'den gatfulla manniskan' on hapna recordings, www.hapna.com)

Sculpture - Statuary Rite Pt II (www.ultimatezon.co.uk)

Richard Youngs - Sonar In My Soul (from 'The Naive Shaman' on Jagjaguwar Records)

+ a pre-recorded session from BROADCAST