YOU ARE HEAR january 30th

ove naxx – fitness club at big rave party the gabber house dj toecutter
(from ‘ove cahn dancehall’ album, forthcoming on adaadat)

doddodo – whitehousedisco (from ‘sample bitch story’ forthcoming on adaadat)

mika vainio – rontgen (12" on sahko)

asmus tietchens - kammermusik 2 (from ‘formen letzter hausmusik’ on die stadt)

pony harvest – the planets (from ‘the electronic bible chapter 2’ on white label recordings)

super madrigal brothers – ave maria (also from ‘the electronic bible chapter 2’ on white label recordings)

large number – shy english hitler (also from ‘the electronic bible chapter 2’ on white label recordings)

yimkin – covert capability (from ‘we are studio’ compilation on projector records)

UM – new leaves (also from ‘we are studio’ compilation on projector records)

glissandro 70 - end west (on constellation records)

duotronic synterror – flipperfieber (from ‘zerstoer der welt’ german minimal synth band, originally released in 1980, reissued by was soll das? Platten - wsdp.de)

jean claude vannier – je m’appelle geraldine (from the reissue of the album ‘l’enfant assassin des mouches’ on finders keepers records)

vice versa – riot squad (from ‘music 4’ ep, neutron records, 1979)

+ live in session: MIASMOS (www.superbo.org)


You Are Hear January 23rd

bruce naumann - various tracks (tate editions)

chevron - optic realisation (from 'everything's exactly the same' on planet mu

boduf songs - o celebrate your vague words and coquettish sovereignty (on kranky)

coil - going up (from 'the ape of naples' cd, threshold house)

sancho - 2 tracks from forthcoming album on seed records www.seedrecords.com)

ruff sqwad - freestyle (from 'aim high vol.3' media gang productions)

glissandro 70 - something (on constellation records)

asja auf capri - im neuland (from 'novi ronde' cd, difficult fun www.difficultfun.org)

the man from uranus - medical report (from 'we are stupid' compilation ep, projector records www.projectorrecords.com)

Li de la Russe - Delia's Psychedelian Waltz (aka Delia Derbyshire, from 'The Music Library' CD accompanying the beautiful book, published by Fuel)

CarterTutti - Calm Circle (from 'Cabal' CD, CTI)

+ TIM GOLDIE live in session

YOU ARE HEAR january 16th

East West Blast Test - Unfantastic Voyage (from 'Popular Music for Unpopular People' CD on Ipecac)

Audiogarde - Mardi Gras (from free MP3 album from www.cockrockdisco.com)

Express Brass Band - Density (from 'Our Own Voices' compilation on Trikont)

Television Personalities - All The Young Children on Crack (on Domino)

Lack of Knowledge - Danger to Life (Crass Records / Southern)

Jeffrey & Jack Lewis - Artland (from 'City and Eastern Songs' on Rough Trade)

This Heat - 24 Track Loop (from 1st s/t album, reissued by ReR)

Los Microwaves - Time To Get Up

Biosphere - Dissolving Clouds (from 'Dropsonde' CD on Touch)

Sarcomasine Bloc - Internecine Slakes (from v/a 'Game & Errancy' on Difficult Fun www.difficultfun.org)

+ live music from ARDISSON


YOU ARE HEAR playlist 9th Jan 2006

Felix Kubin + Wojt3k Kucharczyk - Kathedrale Kopernika (from 'terri terror torium' 7", Gagarin Records / Mik.Musik)

The Advisory Circle - Everyday Science (for Ron Geesin) (from 'Mind How You Go', Ghost Box www.ghostbox.co.uk)

dev/null - Goblin (free download compilation on cock rock disco - www.cockrockdisco.com)

Crash Course in Science - Kitchen Motors (from the 'kitchen motors' 7", go-go records)

Coil -Tattooed Man (from 'the Ape of Naples' cd, Threshold House)

Hematic Sunsets - Lubeck, Naturkundemuseum (Asmus Tietchens + Jetzmann: from 'Zu Gast Im Aromaclub' LP, Klang der Festung)

Kraudn Sepp - (from v/a 'Our Own Voice', Trikont http://www.trikont.de)

Bene Gesserit - Rhythmic Behaviour (from 'Music For The Fun Of It'. Was Soll Das? platten www.wsdp.de)

The Focus Group - You Do Not See Me (from the album 'Hey Let Loose Your Love' on the Ghost Box label, www.ghostbox.co.uk)

COB - Eleven Willows (from 'Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart' LP, radioactive records)

Ø - tutkamaa (from 'olento' cd on sahko)

Pearls Before Swine - Uncle John (from v/a 'Our Own Voice', Trikont http://www.trikont.de/)

William Basinski and Richard Chartier - part 2 (excerpt) - (untitled cd on spekk records)

Alergische Platze - 3000 Seconds (from v/a 'Continental Drift: Eastern and Middle European Movements in 2003', Peripheral Conserve)

Janek Schaeffer - To Oval To Cologne (from 'Migrations' album on Bip-Hop)

+ live music from THIS IS THE KIT



this week, we're playing through some of our FAVOURITE SESSIONS of 2006:

Alabama 3

Asja Auf Capri





Bohman Brothers

Mike Paradinas


The Noisettes

DJ Scotch Egg


Jean Herve Peron

Oddfellows Casino

Ninki V

Ove Naxx