playlist 6th Feb

National Parks Mobility Band – the traditional plot (cdr)

Felix kubin – idiotenmusik #2 (7" on the ultra eczema label)

Stereolab - Whisper Pitch (forthcoming 7" on too pure)

null pointer - sequence on (from v/a 'LOSS' cd www.access-space.org/loss)

Yoko Oh No – Steve Machine (from ‘ADAADAT trade & distribution almanac #3’ on ADAADAT)

Atwenger – wust (from their new album ‘dog’ on trikont www.trikont.de)

The Focus Group – Activity and Scales (from ‘Hey Let Loose Your Love’ on GhostBox www.ghostbox.co.uk)

The Complainer – Dabdab (from ‘Sponsored by Retro Sex Galaxy’ CD on Mik.Musik)

New York Models – Love On Video (Memo Records 12")

Ennio Morricone – Valmont’s Go Go Pad (from ‘Danger: Diabolik OST’)

plugman – untitled (cdr, 19-t) www.19-t.com/plug

Sculpture – do the lurk
(from ‘the electronic bible chapter 2’ compiled by anne shenton, white label recordings)

Death Biscuit – private parts (from ‘we are studio’ compilation on projector records)

+ live in session: ELECTROLOFT