YOU ARE HEAR playlist 20th March 2006

The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health (from 'Silent Shout', Rabid Records)
Tunng - Woodcat (new single on Full Time Hobby / Static Caravan)
Eats Tapes - Cue My Tam or Ban Me (from 'Sticky Buttons', Tigerbeat 6)
DAT Politics - Dizzy Zip (from 'Wow! Twist', Chicks on Speed Records)
Cyrius 1 - ??? (repping Nottingham, selected by DJ RUBBISH)
Low Deep - Down Like That (with DJ RUBBISH on the freestyle)
The Bisons - Spleen (also selected by DJ RUBBISH)
Li'l John and the East Side Boyz - Get Low (instrumental) (also featuring DJ RUBBISH getting crunky on the MIC)
Psapp - Wetbox (from forthcoming 7" on Domino)
Puyo Puyo - Minet Minet (from 'Little In Japan', CDr on RDC records - also available on his myspace page http://www.myspace.com/puyopuyo)
Candie Hank - Violenta (Tote Suite) (from 'Stora Compilation', Stora label - www.stora.de)
Erkki Salmenhaara - Information Explosion, Prologue (from 'Arktinen Hysteria' compilation of Finnish avant-garde of 60s and 70s on Love Records)

with special guest DJ RUBBISH
+ in session: ASCOLTARE (www.tripelrecords.com)


13th MARCH playlist for YOU ARE HEAR

Felix Kubin & Coolhaven - There Is A Garden (7" on A-Musik www.a-musik.de)

DAT Politics - Viper Eyes (from 'Wow Twist' CD, Chicks on Speed records)

Rod Droid - Mexican Hat Dance (http://roddroid.free.fr/)

Doddodo - DODDODO death (from 'Sample Bitch Story' CD, ADAADAT records www.adaadat.com)

Hannas Barber - Beautiful Squashy Lightbulbs (from 'Don't Buy The Sun' EP, Instant Action Object label www.plasticpower.co.uk)

Trader Horne - Morning Way (from 'Gather in the Mushrooms' CD, Castle)

Bradbury - The Van (from 'Ruffini Corpuscule' CD, Dual pLOVER label www.dualplover.com)

Bobby Colombo - Forever (7" on Ultra Eczema label - www.ultraeczema.com)

Gert Wilden - Moulinex (TV Version) (from 'Pop Shopping: Juicy Music from German Commercials, 1960 - 1975', Crippled Dick Hot Wax)

The Focus Group - Jam-Jar Carnival (from 'Hey Let Loose Your Love' CD, GhostBox Recordings, www.ghostbox.co.uk)

DAT Politics - Turn My Brain Off (also from 'Wow Twist' CD, Chicks on Speed records)

Jimmy Edgar - I Wanna be your STD (from 'Colour Strip' CD, Warp Records)

Will - Yesterdays (www.myspace.com/willsearl)

+ live in session: YILA

+ on the phone: ROD DICKINSON


YOU ARE HEAR playlist 6th March 2006

Spinmaster Plantpot vs Smack Miranda - Hello Spinmaster (Bubblewrap Industries 7")

Melodie du Kronk – Telexus (www.myspace.com/connecttables)

William C Harrington – The Overture (from ‘Urban Electronic Music’ CD on Angry Vegan records www.myspace.com/williamcharrington)

Jimmy Edgar – My Beats (from ‘Colour Strip’ album, forthcoming on Warp)

Belbury Poly - Farmer’s Angle (from ‘The Willows’ CD on Ghost Box – www.ghostbox.co.uk)

martin craft – silver and fire (single on 679 recordings)

Puyo Puyo – Disco Jyta (from the ‘Love and Furry’ EP, EgoTwister records)

Vanishing Breed – Fire, Fire (from ‘Arrivals and Departures’ album, pingipung)

Alexander Robotnick – Krypta 1 (from ‘Krypta 1982: Rare Robotnicks #2', Crème Organisation)

The Fire Engines – Discord (7" on Domino)

Gina V.D’Orio + Bennet Togler – Story of A Shell (from ‘Sailor Songs’ on Dual Plover)

The Complainer – Photonew (thisisnotacover) (from ‘mik.musik sampler’ cdr – http://www.mikmusik.org/)

Deflag Haemorrhage/Haien Kontra – Victory for the Psyche (from ‘Luxury’ CD, WM/OR)

plugman – untitled (CDR) www.19-t.com/plug

no bra – in your jeans (from v/a ‘the electronic bible chapter 2’, white label recordings)

Cecil Leuter - Pop Electronique #2 (from 'Pop Electronique' reissue, Dare Dare records)

+ live in session: UM (www.umbusiness.co.uk)


YOU ARE HEAR playlist 27th feb 2006

Freddi and Henchi and the Soulsetters - Funky to the Bone (from 'The Soul Side of the Street: The Henry Murrell story, 1965- 1972", Dionysus Records)

Germlin – Yeah!!!! (from ‘adaadat trade and distribution almanac volume 3’)

Filastein – Quemalo Ya (from 'Burn It', Soot Records)

Belbury Poly – Monstroon (from ‘The Willows’ CD on Ghost Box – www.ghostbox.co.uk)

The Knife – Like A Pen (from ‘silent shout’, rabid records)

Sharon Smith Quartet - Super Sharon Shooter
Nailbomb Cults - 2 Fingers Up Your Bum Rectal Anarchy Style
nwodleM - Gutted
Cutting Pink With Knives - Andalusian Valve
Hot Roddy - Conditioner
Vinyl Vandal - Horse Race
Ladyscraper - 100% Burnt
Shitmat - Untitled Work 17 (Because I Couldn't Be Bothered To Finish It)
(all the above from v/a 'Here's My Card Records Board Meeting' (miniature business card sized cdr, Here's My Card label)

Attwenger – Glei (from ‘Dog’ cd, trikont www.trikont.de)

Sunroof! – Viva (from 'Cloudz' cd, VHF Records)

Salvatore – Atom Of The Month (rough mix preview from forthcoming album ‘Rage’, Racing Junior www.racingjunior.com/salvatore)

Glamour For Evening – Shut Up (from 'Four In One' LP, Grafika Discs 1982)

Papa Rankins - Gasolina

+ live in session: KNOWLEDGE OF BUGS www.knowledgeofbugs.co.uk

You Are Hear playlist 20th Feb 2006

Jack Anderson - Caravan

The Monks – I Can't Get Over You (polydor 7")

Dream - Freestyle (from aim high #3 dvd+cd)

Skream – Midnight Request Line (12" on tempa records)

The Knife – One Hit (from 'Silent Shout' CD, Rabid Records)

Unit – Why I Am Not Everyone (www.unit-united.co.uk)

Vernor LeNoir - ???? from www.myspace.com/vernon_lenoir

Mathematiques Modernes – Disco Rough

Puyo Puyo – Boo Ooh (from 12" on Gagarin Records) www.myspace.com/puyopuyo

Underground Know One – british black and white film / eleventh commandment (from the album ‘net the serf’ cdr)

Triplanetary – SubSpace

+ assorted tracks from the wonderful PROJECTOR RECORDS label

+ live in session: SPANISH KARAVAN www.myspace.com/spanishkaravan