You Are Hear 24th November 2006 - LATEST SHOW

For this week's You Are Hear Jim Backhouse gently caresses your ears a collision of DIY electropop, dancehall,italo disco, the sounds of toy keyboards blasted with high voltage electricity and the fearsome primal roar of a contact mic'd harley davidson. From sublime windswept minimalism from Circle's brand new album to the home-made synthesizer noise of Jessica Rylan, taking in the neo-Italo Disco of Black Devil Disco Club and tracks from the newLaibach album on the way.

Laibach - Yisrael 'Volk', Mute
Boris Policeband - Tow Away 'New York Noise #3', Soul Jazz
Vagina Dentata Organ - Un Chien Catalan part I 'Un Chien Catalan', WSNS
Black Devil Disco Club - On Just Foot '28 After', Lo Recordings
Braque - Jeanette, 7" Celluloid
Circle - B.F.F. 'Miljard', Ektro
Vybz Kartel - Math Class 'Higher Octane: Riddim Driven' VP Records
That Hideous Strength - Get Drunk, www.myspace.com/thsmetal
Jessica Rylan - Parasitic Flip 'Synthesizer Music For Cassette', IFRP
Picchio Dal Pozzo - Merta 'Prog Is Not A Four Letter Word', Delay Records
Stratis - Green Village 'Minimal Wave', Minimal Wave Records
Disinformation vs Strange Attractor - Circuit Blasting #8 'Circuit Blasting', ADAADAT


You Are Hear 10th November 2006

Magz Hall's latest You Are Hear show is a dizzying intercontinental trip
through the sounds of the future featuring new tracks from Clinic, OOIOO,
Sancho, Star Base 109's starstruck homage to kraftwerk and cleaning, plus
A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Michael Forrest, Yukon and exclusive recordings from
the clearly deranged Tim Reeves and Pseudo Nippon plus Atom Heart's remix
of Gallic Kraut rockers Steeple Remove.

Sancho - We’ve missed you ( Seed records)
Clinic - family (Domino)
00IOO - Uma (Thrill Jockey)
Holy Hail - Country Fair (Playlouder)
Lithops - Opposite of winward (Thrill Jockey)
Pusdo - Nippon Gobachi (demo)
A Hawk and a hacksaw - In the river (Leaf)
Yukon The man who don’t fit in (Euphonium)
Tim Reeves - A windmill in old amsterdam (demo)
Steeple remove ( atom heart remix) Dissorant express (Myspace/steepleremove)
Leche Vagera - Poor Leno (Myspace.com/lechevagera)
Starbase 109 - Vacuum cleaner (Myspace/starbase109)
Angerbelly - ( Michael forrest mix) stolen www.cinestatic.com/michaelforrest
Buno and michel are smiling and skipperrr - Beach of ruined spirits (adaadat)
Chips for the poor - Lsd who said that
Artist Unknown ( please contact us ) One Nation Tory - (myspacefriend )