Playlist 23rd Feb 2007

1. Candie Hank Bootybank (Sonig)
2. Bonde Do Role Gasolina (Domino)
3. Ninki V 100 mile high club (Sock records)
4. Air Once upon a time (Source)
5. Mikhail Untiled in C minor (Sub rosa)
6. Cessendaro and the nobodies We are the nobodies Demo www.myspace.com/cessenaroandthenobodies
7. Dolby Anol Ghost Haus Myspace http://www.myspace.com/dolbyanol
8. Textile Ranch Bear is Ours (Static Caravan)
9. Kodec Timtoum (Hot Vitamin)
10. Marissa Nadler Mexican Summer (Peace frog)
11. Boredoms Go (Very Friendly)

You Are Hear playlist Feb 9th 2007

1. Intersystems Untitled (side A track 4) 'Free Psychedelic Poster Inside' LP, Cortical Foundation
2. Keith Fullerton Whitman Stereo Music For Serge Modular Prototype 'Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music #3'
2xCD, Sub Rosa
3. Deerhoof Galaxist 'Friend Opportunity' CD, Kill Rock Stars
4. V/A Compositions by Junior High School Students, 1968 'Creelpolation #1' CD-r, Creel-Pone
5. Algebra Suicide True Romance At The World's Fair 'Obscure Independent Classics #3' LP, Cordelia Records
6. Fritz Gosh and the Goshbrains Horizontal 'Obscure Independent Classics #3' LP, Cordelia Records
7. Adam Bohman If You're Feeling Perky 'Bunhill Row' LP, Paradigm Discs (www.stalk.net/paradigm)
8. Daphne Oram Studio Experiment #1 'Oramics' 2xCD, Paradigm Discs (www.stalk.net/paradigm)
9. Heiner Goebbels and Alfred Haarth Berlin Q-Damm 7", Riskant
10. Jocy De Olveira Wave Song Para Piano E Fita 'Estorias Para Voz, Instrumentos Acosticos e Electronicos'
CD-r, Creel Pone
11. Mika Vainio Raatelu 'Revitty [torn]' CD, Wavetrap


Jan 26th 2007 show track list

Artist Track (incl mix) Label Details

1. DEERHOOF The Perfect Me 'Friendly Opportunity'CD, Kill Rock Stars
2. KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN and DICK RAAIJMAKERS Vier Fanfares 'reinterpretations of the works of Dick Raaijmakers' CD, Basta Recordings
3. ALICE COLTRANE Something About John Coltrane 'Journey In Satchidananda' CD, Impulse
4. DRONE Spiderhead 'Colour For Money' CD, My Kung Fu www.my-kung-fu.com
5. TRANS AM Tesco V. Sainsbury's 'Sex Change' CD, Thrill Jockey
6. PHILL NIBLOCK Hurdy Hurry 'Music For Hurdy Gurdy and Voice' CD, Touch
7. ANKLES Notstand 'Die Vizeweltmeister' Tape, Spex Magazine
8. OBLONG Rain Over The Deverils 'Indicator' CD, Expanding Records www.expandingrecords.com
9. JASON FORREST Song Of The Second Moon 'reinterpretations of the works of Dick Raaijmakers' CD, Basta Recordings
10. RONNIE VON Contudo Todavia s/t 1968, Discos Mariposa

Jan 12th - show track listings

Artist Track (incl mix) Label Details

1. SPUNK Marbles 'En Aldeles Forferdelig Sykdom' CD, Rune Grammofon
2. FROEHLICH EISZEIT Ohne Worte 'Froehlich Eiszeit' LP, Kernkrach (www.kernkrach.de)
3. DJ SCOTCH EGG Scotch Forrest 'Scotch EP' 12, Kriss Records
4. THE SHORT WAVE MYSTERY Nice Girl 'Pilots EP' 7”, Good Records
5. RICHARD YOUNGS Hand In A Dream s/t Cdr, No Fans Records
6. PAAVOHARJU Nuo Maisemat 'Tuote-Akatemia Unien Savonlinna' CD, Miasmah
7. THE KNIFE Like A Pen 'Silent Shout', Brille Records
8. MATMOS Tract For Valerie Solanas 'The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast', Matador
9. CHRISMA Mandoia 'Chinese Restaurant', Polydor Italy
10. CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE Cardboard Lamb 'Signals From Pier 13' LP, Press Records
11. JAC BELOEIL intermission 2 entr'acte sampler CD, www.entracte.co.uk
12. IKE YARD NCR '1980-82 Collected' CD, Acute Records
13. CHRIS CORSANO how should you pick up the ball and throw it? 'The Young Cricketer' CDr, Hot Cars Warp
14. JEANETTE UND DAS LAND Z Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son Return of Flexi-Pop #1 CDr
15. PUYO PUYO Horny Heart 'Tunes From The Mono Times' CD, La Olla Express