April 26th 2007 - Indian special

1 Juana Molina live session Hearing Aid records 2007
2 Sapthaakshara live performance at Big Chill in Goa
3 Kavita Krishnamurthy and Sonu Nigam O Sahiba O Sahiba TIPSmusicfilms.com

30th March playlist

1 Bobby Conn Vanitas thrill jockey
2 florenchi salas gats il lett
3 yoko ono and peaches kiss kiss kiss parlophone
4 efterklang himmelbjerget leaf
5 co co rosie adventures of ghost horse and still born touch and go records
6 sister vanilla pastel blue chemikal underground
7 Aldo Brizzi polyamour demo premix
8 motorcombo avion
9 pit er pat solstice thrill jockey
10 square pusher venus number 17 glade records
11 omo - playing live at blumen fantasy podcast www.youarehear.co.uk

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16th March Playlist 2007

1 Florence Salesas Caravana Polar Musiques Fredes CD; La Olla Express
2 Henry Flynt and the Insurrections Uncle Sam Do I Don't Wanna LP Bo'Weevil
3 Sprung Aus Den Wolken Komm Herr Sing Mit V/A CassettenCombinat West-Berlin 1980-81 3xLP box set; Vinyl-On-Demand
4 Candie Hank Le Desastre Groucho Running CD; Sonig
5 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Bottom My Molly EP 7"; Tiny Creatures
6 Enema Syringe Kumlakorv Falukorv Bogen's Message Institute LP; Ultra Eczema
7 Boredoms Jungle Taitei (Laughter Robot remix) Super Roots 8 CD; Very Friendly
8 Cellutron and the Invisible Parisian Frequency Shift Reflecting On The First WatchWe Uncover Treasure Buried for the Blind CDr; Creel-Pone
9 Burning Star Core Three Sisters Who Share An Eye (excerpt) No Fun Records
10 Ptose Production Woman In The Moon Early Recordings 79-83 2xLP; Vinyl-On-Demand
11 Daphne Oram Tumblewash Oramics 2xCD; Paradigm Discs
12 Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet Another Miserable Day (excerpt) Ultra-Eczema
13 Ly Ngua O Vo Chong Lam Bieng V/A HO! Roady Music from Vietnam; Trikont