30th MAY playlist

Ming - Apres la Guerre (from 'fucky don't cd' compilation on FuckyLaibel)

Matthew Herbert - Plat du Jour -- Early Demo of 365 people eating an apple in Spain and England + Hidden Sugars [early version](from 'Plat du Jour - Appetiser EP' on Accidental Records)

Cogs - Hairstyle (from 'Cogs Anthology 00 - 03' available from www.dietsoda.net)

8 Frozen Modules - Drills For Devil Duck (Very Friendly)

Institut Fur Feinmotorik - Falschung (7" on eventuell -- www.eventuell.org)

DJ C - Crazy Bald Heads (Mashit Records)

Liiminarina - Elviksen Tinattonosotilaat (from 'Supermarket' (Bad Vugum)

Hematic Sunsets - Frottierzapfen (from 'Rendezvous Im Aromaclub Volume 2' LP on Klang der Festung)

Goodiepal - B&O (7")

Spiders on Phasing - The Scorpions Outtakes part 8 (Gagarin)

Alan Watts - Zen Poems (from 'Zen and Senryu' on Locust Music)

Mark Stewart and the Maffia - Hypnotised (Soul Jazz)

Bohman Brothers - Western Omelettes (Peripheral Conserve)

Oren Marshall - untitled (from 'Introduction to the story of Spedy Sponda Part One: In A Silent Room' on slowfoot recordings)

Mu - Paris Hilton (Output)

Caribou - Barnowl (Leaf)

Kovert - Beware of your Enemies (Transgressor Dub) (Kraked Industries]

+ CHEVRON (planet mu / wrong music) live in session

23rd May playlist

Coppe - Zojoji (Mango Sweet Rice)

8 Frozen Modules - Your Novelistic Career (from 'Crumbling and Responding' on Very Friendly records)

Noxagt - Naked In France (from 'The Iron Point' on Load Records)

Terrestrial Tones - Danny's Villain (from 'Blasted' on the Psych-O-Path label) [Avey Tare from Animal Collective and Eric Copeland from Black Dice]

Plastic Crimewave Sound - Why Can't Somebody Love Me (Edgar Broughton Band cover!) from 'In Demons In' ep (Rocket Records)

Hanatarash - Megatronix (from 'We Are Hard Core')

Shitmat - Haile Sellasie Rules OK (Planet Mu)

Noto [Carsten Nicolai] - Transvision (Raster Noton)

Byetone - Oacis (Raster Noton)

Otomo Yoshihide - Turntable Solo [excerpt] (3" CD on alcohol records)

+ MARK STEWART talks through the KISS THE FUTURE anthology, out now on Soul Jazz

16th May playlist

Asja Auf Capri - Hoffmann (from 'Novi Ronde' on Difficult Fun)

Electroputas - Silver Moon - Golden Sun (from the album 'Electroputas #3' on Social Registry)

Volvox - The Breaking of the Egg (from the album 'The Bad Earth' on Dual Plover)

Scritti Politti - Messthetics

Crawling Chaos - Arabesque (from 'The Gas Chair' Factory / LTM publishing)

P1/E - Dependence (from the album 'second offender', reissued by Vinyl-On-Demand)

This Heat - Horizontal Hold (from 'Made Available' These Records)

Swell Maps - H.S. Art? (from 'Jane From Occupied Europe' album on Rough Trade)

Crazy Titch + J2K - Stop! (DaVinche remix)

The Monks - He Went Down to the Sea (Polydor 7" reissue)

+ special guest SIMON REYNOLDS

and live music from DAVID JANES


2nd May Playlist (live from The Foundry)

The Go Team – The Ice Storm (Pickled Egg)

Christiane F - Wunderbar (from 'Berlin Super 80' DVD and CD set documenting the early 80s Berlin post punk / experimental film crossover - distributed by www.vinyl-on-demand.com)

Guanoman - Spoke to Yesterday (CDR)

Paul Giovanni and Magnet - Summer is a Cumen In (from 'The Wicker Man' OST - Silva Screen)

Sonic Catering Band - The Alimentary Canal By Night (from 'Seven Transdanubian Recipes' on Peripheral Conserve)

Mark stewart- Radio Freedom (from 'Kiss the Future' Anthology on Soul Jazz)

Ken Nordine - the Sound Museum (from 'Best of Word Jazz')

+ excerpts from DJ Wrongspeed 'I Love You' and Kaffe Matthews 'Heart of Train'

plus William Searle live on piano.